About Us

We believe in the story. From our roots in the wild frontier town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, to the opportunities and successes we facilitate within our communities, our stories are what make us who we are.

Our story started when First National Bank organized in 1872. Our founders took a risk locating in a town on the edge of Indian Territory, but they were confident of the direction Fort Smith was headed – and of the promise that direction held for the people it served. We built on that strong heritage and our founders’ confidence when we decided to expand into Northwest Arkansas.

First National Bank of NWA serves communities from six branch locations in Bentonville, Centerton, Fayetteville, Lowell, Rogers. Each of these communities has a unique story to tell of its own, and we are proud to have bankers from these communities to help in the telling and building on those stories with each new customer and business that we serve.

We know that each customer’s story is unique to them. We’re proud to be working and living in Northwest Arkansas – helping our customers’ stories take root, just as ours did in 1872.

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