1872_OldFortLager_Logos-01The 1870’s were a great time for new beginnings in America. From a host of new industrial and manufacturing inventions to the opening of the western frontier people sought to create a new, better life.
Fort Smith was one such area where enterprise flourished on the edge of Indian Territory with the opening of the First National Bank of Fort Smith in 1872. During this same time, the creation of an American bohemium lager beer was highly sought after.
So with reflection and honoring of our heritage, #FNBNWA is proud to partner with Bentonville Brewing Company​ to bring you 1872 Old Fort Lager. smaller beer sizeA beer worthy of new beginnings and risk taking that with clear golden hues and full-bodied malt crispness beckons us to ask, as in the frontier days, How Can We Help You…Start Something New?

Now serving at Bentonville Brewing Company.