Notice Regarding Non-VISA® PINLess Debit Card Transactions


The First National Bank of Fort Smith, The First National Bank of NWA, a division of The First National Bank of Fort Smith, and The
National Bank of Sallisaw, a division of The First National Bank of Fort Smith, allow non-VISA® debit transaction processing, which does not require that all such non-VISA® Debit Card transactions be authenticated with your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Examples of non-VISA® debit transactions are listed below:
• To initiate a non-VISA® debit transaction, you may enter a PIN at a “Point of Sale” (POS) terminal or, for certain bill payment transactions,
provide the account number for an e-commerce or mail/telephone order transaction after clearly indicating a preference to route it as a non-VISA
debit transaction. These transactions are enabled through the PULSE® network, which is associated with your First National Bank of Fort Smith
VISA® Debit Card, but is not a part of VISA®.
• The PULSE® network also allows the PINless bill-payment debits and credits for specific merchant types such as utility, property management and
government payments.
Examples to initiate a VISA® debit transaction:
• Examples of the types of actions that may be required by you to initiate a VISA® debit transaction include: signing a receipt, providing a card
number, using Verified by VISA® over the Internet or swiping your card through a “Point of Sale” (POS) terminal, and choosing to route the
transaction over a VISA® network.
• Please note that the terms and conditions of your agreement with us relating to VISA® debit transaction do not apply to non-VISA® debit
transactions. For example, the additional limits on liability (Sometimes referred to as VISA® zero–liability program) and the streamlined error
resolution process offered on VISA® debit card transactions are not applicable to transactions processed on a PIN–Debit Network, (VISA® rules
generally define “PIN-Debit Network” as a non –VISA® debit network that typically authenticates transactions by use of a personal identification
number (PIN) but that is not generally known for having a card program).
Should you have questions regarding PINless non-VISA® transaction and your rights and obligations related to such transactions, please contact our
Account Services Department at:
The First National Bank of Fort Smith, P. O. Box 7 Ft. Smith, AR 72902 Telephone: (479) 788-4600 or AR & OK only (800) 364-1827