Business Banking

Business Checking Accounts

You’ve got enough going on running your business to worry about what kind of checking account you need. So we’ve taken the guess work out of it for you. All of our business accounts can be opened with $100, and we know we’ve got one that will fit your business needs.

Free Small Business

  • No service fee with 100 items or less per month

Small Business Checking

  • No per item fee for up to 250 items per month
  • $8.27 monthly service fee

Analysis Checking

  • Competitive earnings credit rate
  • Low per item cost with comparable balance
  • $9.00 monthly service fee

Non-Profit Checking

  • No monthly service fee
  • No minimum balance


Commercial Services

Cash Management

  • Process ACH payroll or pay invoices, send wires and download account activity for easy bookkeeping.
  • Decide which employees can access certain features, utilize dual control for added security, and set limits on transactions.
  • Set up e-mail alerts to monitor activity on your accounts.

Remote Deposit

  • Make deposits from the comfort of your office! Just scan your check and it sends it directly to us to deposit.

Merchant Services

  • Local processing means local service. Credit card processing at an affordable and fair price.
  • Get a secure terminal that fits your business needs.
  • On the go? Our Clover Go device plugs right into your smartphone!

Payroll Cards

  • Pay employees that don’t have a bank account quickly and securely with our VISA payroll cards.
  • Employees enjoy zero check cashing fees, lines or delays in payroll.
  • Cards are funded via Direct Deposit through your FNBNWA Cash Management system or other compatible payroll and bookkeeping software programs.

ACH Processing

  • Pay employees electronically, pay invoices, draft accounts, or transfer funds with the click of a button.
  • No more ordering checks, paying postage, mailing envelopes or delays in payments. Our system will remember who you’ve paid for easy entry.

Positive Pay

  • Don’t wait to take a financial loss before you set up some safeguards in place.
  • All payments are verified against an approved list you have provided.  Nothing gets paid unless you’ve said so.
  • Manage all of the exceptions through your Cash Management profile. It may only take one or two checks to cause harm to your account.


Merchant Card Services

Take Charge!

Give your business the advantage of increased sales by offering your customers the convenience of VISA®/MasterCard® Acceptance. Three decades of customer approval stand behind the world’s two most widely recognized names. Your business also benefits from the security and safety of transaction guarantee.

Our merchant services include supplies, 24-hour terminal support, and a one-time, low set-up fee of $100.00. Discount rates are based upon average amount per sales ticket and monthly VISA®/MasterCard® volume. In addition, electronic data capture terminals can be purchased.

Cash Management

Put your money to work!

Cash Management services offer a variety of ways to structure the deposits of your business so that your funds realize maximum earning potential. Our experienced cash management associates can develop a customized program for your business, which may include…

  • Online Balance Reporting
  • Account Balances
  • Internal Transfers
  • Wire Transfers
  • Stop Payments
  • Direct Deposit
  • Direct Payment
  • Positive Pay
  • Account Reconciliation